The RTTECHS team has extensive & in-depth experience in managing technology projects, end-to-end. Right from selecting tools and platforms, to implementing information technology solutions, all this on time and within budgets.

  • ERP Solutions

    ERP software is very strategic to the business and its processes. It helps in streamlining processes across manufacturing, procurement, sales, finance, Service business, HR, Accounting, aTTnd Admin. To be truly efficient tool that brings the expected benefits, ERP should be customized and we strongly believe in the concept of custom ERP development

    Web Designing & Development

    we focus on Creative Web Designing & Development, that best suit our clients' specific business. We deliver attractive web designs, at the most competitive price range. We master in Responsive Web Designing and Reliable Web Development that are compatible with all kind of devices available.

    Cloud Mobile

    Developing a mobile application for your business is a necessity to keep ahead in the competition. This gives an immense opportunity to reach a large audience and make a good impact. It is very difficult for any business to survive in the market without branding and marketing.

    Consulting Product Development Services

    With ever-changing market dynamics, innovative ISVs need dynamic, scalable and innovative product portfolio. Being able to offer highly differentiated business solutions that need of its customer base while expanding into newer niches, continues to remain the overarching objective.

  • Phyton Web App

    It combines simplicity and maturity. When your code changes hands, it will be easy to read, test, and expand quickly. Python’s established position on the market also allows you to enjoy strong support and a variety of dedicated libraries and frameworks. Both scaling and maintenance will be a breeze.

    Django Web App

    t’s a complete framework with most of the required tools already included. With Django, you can create custom solutions using ready-made open source components. No building from scratch and no reinventing the wheel. Django also helps with rapid prototyping; with Django’s built-in tools, you can get your MVP lightning fast.

    Mobile App

    If you already have a web app either planned or implemented, a Progressive Web App will allow you to penetrate the mobile market in the most cost-effective way. For a more native-like experience and tighter integration with core smart phone features, you could create a React Native app, using JavaScript to create a cross-platform codebase that compiles to native code.


    As web applications get more sophisticated on the front-end, the importance of JavaScript grows year by year. Seeking to respond to the market and provide you with everything you need to develop successful software, we have bolstered our roster with JavaScript programmers.

About Us

Real Time Technology Services (RTTECHS) is a US-based, privately held software solutions company with an impressive track record of providing value-added solutions and services to Fortune 5000 companies and government agencies. We are a comprehensive IT consulting practice with an emphasis in custom software development and providing IT Solutions & Talent acquisition. Headquartered in Suwanee, Georgia, RTTECHS and its teaming partners are focused on providing solutions & services to clients in public, private and government sectors.

Real Time Technology Services is an easy accessible hub for information technology services and solutions. We have expert IT professionals with experience in providing and maintaining high quality IT services for business firms and corporate entities. We keep highest quality standards and blend the latest innovations in our software development projects.

Real Time Technology Services is equipped with highly dedicated and talented technical team to follow most latest software development methodologies for our projects.

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