ERP Solutions and Consulting Product Development Services

Our ERP software is very strategic to the business and its processes. It helps in streamlining processes across manufacturing , procurement, sales, finance, Service businesses , HR , Accounting and Admin. To be truly efficient tool that brings the expected benefits, ERP should be customized and we strongly believe in the concept of custom ERP development.We have built an entire library of reusable , modular and pluggable codebase of functional modules to form a platform. Using mDrift IGNITE Platform ERP development can be accelerated to less than 40% of the normal development time. mDrift’s consultants shall be fast enough to reflect changes in UI as well as the Codebase. Our experience in rolling out in ERPs fast , secure and reliable, goes through thorough testing to realize the ROI faster than standard Off the shelf tools.

Product development covers the complete process of bringing a new product to market. From ideation to execution, our engineers and designers work in tandem to understand your product at its core. With technical and methodological expertise, our team minimizes the costs of production and assembly, manufacturing your product to co-created specifications with cost, reliability, and user experience at top of mind.

Web Designing & Development

we focus on Creative Web Designing & Development, that best suit our clients' specific business. We deliver attractive web designs, at the most competitive price range. We master in Responsive Web Designing and Reliable Web Development that are compatible with all kind of devices available. Our Web Designers and developers are highly skilled and experienced professionals with good track record and team spirit.

Chosing to Develop a Web Application for automating a business is the smartest strategic decision any Business Firm must take. Every business has a unique process. It is always ideal to develop a Custom Web Application.

Follow the two simple steps and expedite your Business Growth: 1. Automate your Business process activities and save time and money. 2. Make use of the saved resources for innovation and strategic planning - accelerate your Business Growth.

Cloud Mobile

Developing a mobile application for your business is a necessity to keep ahead in the competition. This gives an immense opportunity to reach a large audience and make a good impact. It is very difficult for any business to survive in the market without branding and marketing. Developing a mobile app for your business not only increases your brand value, but at the same time, it is a great method of marketing too.

Nowadays Android Smartphones are very popular in the mobile gadgets’ market. It’s the leader in the Smartphone industry. Over 80 percent of the total Smartphone users in the world are using android devices which makes them the most widely used smartphone.

iOS is indisputably the hottest platform out today, with millions of users on the marketplace, and millions more joining every month. As iPhones, iPods and iPads are changing the way clients interact with businesses as these devices tend to be with them throughout the day, and clients may take action on an idea at a moment’s notice. The most premium communication opportunities are extensive with iOS devices and can be considered as the best way to get connected to business clients.